Tuesday in Holy Week, March 30, 2021

Text: Philippians 3:15-21, John 12: 20-26.

Rise Up O Saints Of God

Paul’s call is for every believer to become Christ-like. He admits he has not “arrived” but he is pressing on to the goal. Paul urges his readers to imitate and keep their eyes focused on mature believers, those who continue to grow in their faith. Who are these people? They are Jesus’s disciples, those who follow the Lord and bear much fruit, that is, those who practice spiritual disciplines and disciple others.

Jesus gives some insight into this discipling process with his example of the grain of wheat. In order for the grain of whet to do what it was created to do, it must die. Likewise, we who wish to become like Jesus, must die to our self-centeredness. We must repent of those things that keep our minds set on earthly things. Jesus’ answer is that we must follow him and serve where he is. And where is Jesus? He is in the Word, in the Sacraments, embodied in His people and where two or three are gathered. We must learn to live as Jesus lived. This requires a rhythm of life that makes margin for Bible reading, prayer, attending worship and fellowship.

During this Easter season, in response to what Christ has done for us, may we “commit our hearts to seek the paths which Christ has trod and quickened by the Spirit’s power rise up, O saints of God.”

Rise Up O Saints of God, LBW 383).

~ Bev Hudgins, Ministry of Education


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