Tuesday In the First Week of Easter

Text: I Corinthians 15:12-28

Prayer Pointers:  

For courage to tell the story of the Resurrection

For those facing death

For our country in this time of pandemic

There are two things related to the resurrection that tend to baffle modern people. The first is the fact that Jesus is alive. The second is that those whom we know, whom we love, are also alive, though they are dead.

The first fact is usually dismissed by some wave of the hand with a condescending “people back then were gullible rubes,” as if people today are not. We are simply gullible about other aspects of life. But the disciples were familiar with death in a way that we moderns are not, for they rubbed shoulders with it while our antiseptic world has tried to banished death to an out of sight, out of mind back room. The disciples knew Jesus was dead, and so for them to report that he was dead no longer is simply a fact we must accept.

The second fact connects to the first and is related to Paul’s declaration that God has put “all things” under Jesus’ rule, including death. Jesus is Lord, the conqueror of death, and all things are under his rule. Including us. All creation us under the authority of the Risen Lord, and those who have died are not in some place where Jesus cannot go, cannot call to them, cannot exercise his authority over them. In the same way that Lazarus simply had to come out of the tomb—because Jesus said so—so the dead must answer his voice. And the day is coming when they will.


Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks

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