Tuesday in the Sixth Week of Easter

Text: Leviticus 26:1-20

Prayer Pointers:

For security and peace in our time

For those who work and care for the land

For meteorologists

You may not give much thought today about idols, but in the ancient world (and in many parts of the world today) the graven images of the household gods were an important part of the social and cultural fabric of the community. Gods that governed fertility and the growth of crops, herds and families were especially important in a time when fruitfulness was the difference between life and death.

But Israel was to look to the Lord for abundance. Rather than call upon self-made gods, Israel was to call upon the Lord of Creation who had brought them out of slavery, led them to a good land, and made that land fruitful. If the people turned away from God and embraced gods of stone and metal who could not save, could not bless, then God would treat Israel as he treated the Egyptians and bring ruin upon them and their so-called “gods.”

As I said, we may not give much thought to idols today. But we still call upon the non-gods that we make with our own hands, hoping that they will make our lives and plans fertile. Whether economic, patriotic, scientific or self-authentic, we give our hearts to gods who cannot save, cannot bless.

Yet God continues to bless us. Jesus bears the ruin of our folly and returns to us, scarred but glorious, with a word of blessing and peace, of life that is abundant, of victory over death.

Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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