Tuesday, Second Week of Advent

As a part of our Advent observances at Grace, we are making use of Concordia Publishing’s Behold the Child materials for worship. Our web devotions through Christmas will be guided by Pastor Kevin Golden’s devotional booklet written in support of the Behold the Child theme (you may purchase a downloadable copy of Pr. Golden’s book by following this link).

Prayer Pointers:

For the Lord to help you discover your calling

To grow in Godly humbleness

Text: Psalm 72:1, Luke 12:27-28

When you are given any good thing, a choice is before you. –Pr. Golden

PASTOR GOLDEN, IN DISCUSSING this verse from the Psalms, contrasts the paths of Solomon, the son of King David, and Jesus, great David’s Greater Son. As the writer of the book of Kings shows, Solomon was blessed by God with wisdom, great wealth and kingly power. The people of Israel benefitted from such an able and accomplished king, but Solomon did not deny himself anything he might desire—he took full advantage of the opportunities that his station in life and his abilities provided.

Jesus, by contrast, is marked from the beginning as one who willingly humbles himself, who embraces the Father’s good purposes, who lets go of every prerogative that might come from his power. In his own words, he gives first rank to the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and is content with what his Father provides, for even Solomon could not clothe himself with such finery as the lilies that grow one day and are under the mower blade the next.

We, who belong to Christ, are also the recipients of the Father’s good gifts. We exist solely by the Father’s good pleasure—our breathing, our thinking, our every action rising out of God’s purposes. And yet that is not all—for we have been given the gifts of salvation, righteousness, reconciliation and peace. Such riches we have! Where will the opportunities they provide take you?

May you live in Advent hope ~ Pr. Dave Brooks

--Quoted materials are from Behold the Child Daily Devotions #12-4563

© 2019 Concordia Publishing House. Used with permission under license 20:12-1.


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