Wednesday, 22nd week of Pentecost

Text: Acts 27:9-26

Prayer Pointers:

For gratitude to God for all his good gifts

For peace in our land

For those who conduct our elections

For patience and good courage

NOTICE IN THIS ACCOUNT that Paul has effectively become the captain of their little ship, for he is the only one with any courage left. Having counseled patience earlier in the voyage, Paul is now encouraging his fellow travelers, for he is confident in God.

This is what we do as Christians: having confidence in God, we encourage; having security in God, we help others to be brave; having God’s instructions, we go to our neighbors and aid them; having God as our Rock, we support others when they are in turmoil.

We do not encourage rumor (especially online!!) but speak for the defense of our neighbor’s reputation; we do not remember others at their worst but rejoice in their best; we are not easily angered but are patient in every circumstance.

Let this prayer be yours through the days ahead:

Guide me, O God, with your wisdom;

discipline me with your justice;

but even more help me with your mercy.

Protect me with your strength,

shield me with your love,

fill me with your grace,

for the sake of Jesus, your Son.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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