Wednesday, 23rd week of Pentecost

Text: Luke 10:17-24

Prayer Pointers:

For the joy of life with Jesus

For the joy of life together in the Church

For the joy of serving others and sharing Good News

LUKE DOES NOT MAKE US WAIT too long to get the results of the disciple’s missionary journey: he reports that the seventy “returned with joy.”

Think of that.

In our day and age, many of us dread such activities. We think that engaging others in spiritual conversations will result in anything but joy. We believe deeply in the American creed that such topics are best left alone.

But Luke wishes us to know that the disciples’ road experiences were under the Lord’s care. They were not overcome in the circumstances they faced (even the demons…!). Although Luke does not relate any difficulties, it is not hard to imagine that the disciples did face challenges; yet they found that by the grace of God challenges were overcome.

So, they returned with joy, the “secret ingredient” in every fruitful conversation.

Not being afraid, whether for yourself or the others in the conversation.

Not being angry, an emotion that obscures what we need to see and clouds our judgment.

You follow this Jesus—others want to hear you tell of your joy!

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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