Wednesday after Holy Trinity

Text: Matthew 11:16-24

Prayer Pointers:

For wisdom

For strength and faith to follow Jesus’ commands

For peacemakers in our communities

So, since yesterday was about love, today is about wisdom.

From where does wisdom come? What is its source? Even more, what are wisdom’s fruits?

As a first point, it’s important to not confuse wisdom with its near companions, knowledge and skill. We can acquire all kinds of knowledge about all kinds of topics; we can develop all sorts of skills, but wisdom is something else. You may know about cooking—ingredients, spices, even the chemistry of the Maillard effect; you may have skill with whipping eggs, turning out dough, searing a steak. Wisdom is about using knowledge and skill at the right time, for the right effect. Wisdom is known by its fruits, or its deeds, as Jesus might say.

What is more, wisdom is an attitude, a posture toward the self and toward the world. In Proverbs, which talks much about wisdom, it is suggested that there are things that impede wisdom: pride, lying, greed, laziness, anger, recklessness, and sowing discord.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these seven appear again and again, because they cause people to destroy life, rather than serve it.

And life is the point. God, the Creator of life, works to uphold and sustain all that he has made. The foolish man or woman unravels life, including his or her own. Sunday’s readings included the account of creation in Genesis, where the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom, is at work bringing order out of chaos. Wisdom seeks the creativity of order, and so serves life, where foolishness seeks the passion of chaos and so destroys life.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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