Wednesday, Fourth Week of Advent

As a part of our Advent observances at Grace, we are making use of Concordia Publishing’s Behold the Child materials for worship. Our web devotions through Christmas will be guided by Pastor Kevin Golden’s devotional booklet written in support of the Behold the Child theme (you may purchase a downloadable copy of Pr. Golden’s book by following this link).

Prayer Pointers:

For clarity about where your battle with sin really lies

For patience with others in their battles

Text: Psalm 24:10

Look to Christ and you will see how the Lord fights.—Pr. Golden

THERE IS AN OLD GOSPEL song I learned in my childhood:

The Lord will fight my battles for me

And he has given the victory—

There’s no need to worry

And no need to fret.

The Lord God Almighty’s never failed me yet!

And he has given the victory.

This victory that comes from God’s mighty hand is victory over sin, death and evil. It is a battle that was begun at our baptism and is waged daily as we journey through life. It is a battle that is fought deep within, at the cracked line that jags through each human heart. It is a battle that is waged as we laugh, weep, rage, and love with one another.

This battle is begun when God enters into this world—in the form of one we might easily ignore, think weak and quickly defeated, be lulled by sentimentality.

But the child we behold is the warrior long promised. And he will not fail us.

May you live in Advent hope ~ Pr. Dave Brooks

--Quoted materials are from Behold the Child Daily Devotions #12-4563

© 2019 Concordia Publishing House. Used with permission under license 20:12-1.


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