Wednesday, Fourth Week of Easter April 28, 2021

Prayer Pointers:

To rejoice in Christ, who loves you

For Christ to be present between you and the ones you love

Today’s text: Luke 6:27-38

ONE OF THE BEDEVILING themes of our current culture is the notion of “love.” We think that we know what love is; we think that love is easy, natural, a reflection of our best selves.

Leaving aside the problem that we use the word “love” to describe our attitude toward everything from other people to laundry detergent, Jesus shines a bright, searching light on our vaunted ability to love. “Do you really think you’re doing love right? Even the people you despise, the people who are nothing like you, the people whom you hope will die and do it soon, can do what you do. They live the same way you do: returning love to those who love them, doing good to those who do good to them, exchanging favors with those who have proven themselves worthy of trust."

In his book Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer declares, contrary to our notions of love, that “what love is, only Christ [can] tell us in his Word. Contrary to all my own opinions and convictions, Jesus Christ will tell me what love toward my brother and sister really is…” Godly love begins in loving the Lord Jesus who stands in-between us and others, and who teaches us how love others--to love as God loves, for he loves those who hates him, he does good to those who use his name as a curse, he gives freely to those who never try to return the favor.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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