Wednesday in Holy Week, March 31, 2021

Text: John 12:27-36.

Imagine you wanted to honor your friends with a special meal. You cleaned the house, shopped for the special food items, and when the day came, you set the table and fixed all the gourmet foods you’d planned. But when the time came, your friends didn’t show up. One thought you were kidding when you invited them. Another had made other plans and didn’t tell you. You got a text from a third who was busy that day. How would you feel?

Something like that is going on in the gospel for today. God had planned for centuries to rescue his people from their sins and offer them a whole new way of life. He had inspired the prophets to outline his plans so his people would be ready. But most of them turned away. And yet God still loved them, but he had to be disappointed and, perhaps, hurt.

Look what he was offering: a new life filled with joy, love, peace, forgiveness, fresh starts when something goes wrong—and an eternity overflowing with blessings. It’s like he was offering them a million-dollar check on a bank account that would never run dry. But the people would not reach out their hands and accept the prize.

Let’s pray that God will open our eyes, minds and hearts to receive his marvelous gifts this Easter.

~ Joyce Rea, Deacon


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